Transparency Control

The transparency of the SOFTGOODS® can be adjustable by controlling the size and spacing of SOFTCELL® and electronic components depending on applications.

[Schematic view of SOFTGOODS® with different transparencies]

[Schematic views of flexible SOFTGOODS®]

Flexibility Selection

By connecting SOFTCELL® and other electronic components with the flexible PCB, which is widely used in electronic devices, it is possible to manufacture freely bendable solar modules or other electronic applications.

No limit to design the voltage & current connections

In full support of customer’s requirements, the circuit design of serial/parallel has no limit for the power output. It can be easily customizable to meet a variety of voltage and current requirements for the application.

[Schematic views of serial & parallel connections]

[Power generation of SOFTPV module]

High power generation

Thanks to the three-dimensional spherical structure, the amount of power generated is less affected by the varying angle of incoming sunlight. Moreover, various techniques like stacking can be simply applied to produce more power.

Freedom of designing overall shapes

Thanks to its convenient shape adjustment processes and the flexibility of mounting SOFTCELL®, SOFTFORM® can be prepared with a myriad of product shapes.

[Schematic view of leaf shape SOFTGOODS®with greenish colors]