1. “Grid Independent” Solar Tree, SOLTRIA

1-1. Definition: SOLTRIATM is the artificial PV tree confusing your eyes with a real tree and generating energy like natural trees. As it is getting taller, it produces more than 100 times more power compared with conventional PV modules saving many areas. Eventually, it can be acted as either a micro-grid power plant or an electrical product. By placing PV trees at home, streets, and mountains, the embedded sensors or camera modules can collect ‘Big-data’ and share it with the external networks enabling them to monitor in real-time for 24 hours. Constructing PV trees in desserts, new smart cities can be accomplished

1-2. CES 2022 Applied Category: Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy

1-3. Introduction movie link https://youtu.be/NWI0KXRYiRk


2. “Intelligent” BIPV module, SOLVISTA

2-1. Definition: The rollable & transparent ‘Intelligent BIPV module’, SOLVISTA, is the world’s first solar module that enables to work 24hours and to collect ‘Big Data’ based on embedded batteries, sensors & WiFi/BLE  in the module with enough power generation. With the increasing interest in ‘Zero Energy Building’, buildings themselves evolve into a small power plant resulting in the necessity of power generation monitoring in each window with different times & seasons for designing the smart city for sure. It uses semi-transparent and additional colorful films, if required, so thin that you can see through it and enhance the building’s aesthetics

2-2. CES 2022 Applied Category: Smart Cities

2-3. Introduction movie link https://youtu.be/nQc_uJ9W6yM



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