SOFTGOODS® is a generic name for an all-in-one multi-functional module that works for any specific application.

After preparing the SOFTFORM® that has patterns of electric circuits for specific functions, the calculated number of SOFTCELL®, micro-batteries, sensors, and communication chips, if required more electronic components, is located & connected onto SOFTFORM® working as an active module under lighting conditions.

SOFTPV may deliver customized SOFTGOODS®consistent with customer needs.
By integrating the SOFTCELL® with various electronic components including a small computing unit such as an Arduino, a small systematic module with several functionalities can be constructed.

Starting from the power generating SOFTCELL®, micro-batteries accumulate the energy and deliver its energy to sensors to collect data or electronic components to operate such as LED. Finally, the gathered data or working records can be transmitted to external networks to share data with each other. Even some other direction or overriding command can be sent back to the SOFTGOODS®.

Main Features: Fully customizable based on request

  • Design: size, color & shape
  • Possible functionalities in a single good : self-powered, energy storage, sensing, communication, and other functions of electronic components