SOFTFORM® is a transparent & flexible PCB substrate to boost SOFTCELL® performances & applications.

Various circuit patterns can be designed & patterned including the pads where SOFTCELL®& other electronic components such as micro-batteries, LEDs, sensors, resistors, capacitors, and communication chipsare located & connected. Depending on applications, it is convenient to select either rigid or flexible PCB substrates. When transparency is required, the transparent film can be utilized as well.

Especially, the easiness of designing a series or parallel connection helps fewer areas required to work any power required units becausethey need relatively higher voltage than the current.

Moreover, preparing numerous shapes of SOFTFORM® is also very attractive. A transparent & flexible SOFTFORM® can be applied to not only square or rectangular windows but also triangle or hexagon windows.

SOFTPV can provide any customized SOFTFORM® based on the client’s needs.


  • Substrate: Transparent film, rigid board
  • Film Thickness : 25um~200um
  • Size: Max 500mm x 500mm (Extendable)