This is an innovative tiny solar cell invented by SOFTPV and is one of the basic core products generating the power under not only sunlight also general lighting conditions. Two electrodes are located on the bottom side, an SMD type.

Since it was developed as an SMD (Surface Mount Device) type and can be manipulated as an electronic component, tens to millions of SOFTCELL® can be positioned with micro-batteries, sensors, communication chips onto SOFTFORM®, a transparent & flexible film with designed electric circuits. By applying conventional SMT equipment, those SOFTCELL®, electronic components & SOFTFORM® can be easily & quickly bonded.

SOFTPV supply not only SOFTCELL® to customers who can develop their own application but also customized modules including SOFTCELL®, other electronic components & SOFTFORM®, called SOFTGOODS®that can be directly applied to the client’s needs.

A single SOFTCELL® generates 0.35mW per unit under Standard Test Conditions. SOFTPV will endeavor its research to enhance power generation per unit so that SOFTCELL® can be harnessed in more diverse areas, including a power generating unit for satellites in the end.


  • Power generation per cell : 0.35mW1
  • Vmax 0.4V, Imax 0.87mA
  • Diameter : 1.1mm
  • Material : Crystalline Polysilicon
  • Weight per cell : 0.0016g

1 : Measured under Standard Test Condition