BIPV& Smart BIPV Modules

BIPV& Smart BIPV Modules

1. Definition

BIPV is a PV module that generates electricity by applying it to the wall, façade, or windows of a building. Thanks to the characteristics that SOFTPV’s BIPV with SOFTCELL® is flexible, color-adjustable, and transparent, there is minimal aesthetic damage to the building with high power generation.

[BIPV module usage fields for a building]

2. SOFTPV’s BIPV & Smart BIPV SOLAR Modules

A. Film Type BIPV Module

The Film BIPV product can be simply attachable to the window glass or embedded into the window if required.

[Schematic views of Film Type BIPV module]

B. Roll Type BIPV Module

Roll type can be attached & fixed to either the edge of the window frame or the solid wall.
Also, it can be detachable & portable for outdoor application.

[Schematic views of Roll Type BIPV module]

C. Smart BIPV Module

By applying SOFTGOODS® to the BIPV module, not only the real-time monitoring but also
plentiful applications are possible.

  • a. Power generation of each window in the building depending on time, season & location.
  • b. Displacement of the building for an earthquake or for a windy day.
  • c. Communication between the BIPV module & flying drones.
  • d. Emergency power backup.
Bluetooth or WIFI Communication Chip

[Schematic views of smart BIPV module& its components installed inside]

D. Transparency vs Power Generation

Depending on the client’s requirements, both the transparency and the power generation amount can be adjustable. Also, additional functions can be embedded.

[Product line-up for BIPV modules]

3. Competitor Products

There are several BIPV & BAPV products available in the market. However, the transparency issue was not resolved so far. Here is a list of BIPV & BAPV main products in the market. So far, crystalline silicon modules dominate this market.

[Competitor’s BIPV modules for window application]

4. Driving Force

A. Global Warming

Total CO2 Generation: 29.7 GT (’09) ⇨ 34.2 GT (’19) (1GT = 109Ton)

B. Energy Consumption

Total Energy Consumption: 482.8 EJ (’09) ⇨ 583.9 EJ (’19) (1EJ = 1018J)

C. Increase of Skyscraper (200m plus Building)

Total Number of Skyscrapers: 54 (’09) ⇨ 126 (’19)

[Schematic views of driving forces]

5. Market Size

Starting from ’14 to ’20, the BIPV market has grown 39.6% annually and has reached more than 11GW globally. Conforming to worldwide trendy issues of ‘Zero Energy Building’, the global market including E.U. USA and South Korea will continuously upsurge in the future.

[Market size & growth forecasts of BIPV module]