Rethink Energy,

Design the Future


SOFTPV invented SOFTCELL®, the world’s first SMD type solar cell.

It develops various products by mounting SOFTCELL® with micro-batteries, sensors, LEDs, communication chips, and other electronic components onto a circuit designed transparent and flexible film, SOFTFORM®.  Our technology allows you to generate and use electricity anywhere in your daily life.

SOFTCELL® is manufactured by forming electrodes on silicon balls with a diameter of around 1mm with PN semiconductor characteristics. Because it is a three-dimensional spherical shape, it overcomes the limit of power generation due to the incident angle of sunlight, and the daily power generation can be designed 50% higher than that of conventional solar cells.

SOFTCELL® products are made with a surface mount technology (SMT), which is widely used in the mass production of the electronics industry. Because application designs are extremely flexible and versatile, it is easy to customize the appearance and electrical characteristics not damaging the original concept. Through this, the application of solar power can be dramatically expanded.

[Schematic views of SOFTCELL®, SOFTFORM®, SOFTGOODS®]

Currently, almost every area of the world is digitally transforming.

Since the long-anticipated era of Pervasive/Ambient/Everywhere Computing is opening, SOFTPV believes that the energy supply method must be innovated accordingly. This means that it is necessary to change the existing paradigm, whereby electricity is produced in power plants and transported to transmission and distribution networks and batteries.

SOFTPV will take the lead in continuing efforts to create decentralized power distribution networks to complete a micro-grid system.

We hope SOFTCELL® will allow you to rethink energy and design in the future.