Energy Independence

Energy Independence

Can you imagine the power infrastructure in near future? Considering the ever-increasing demands for electric power around the world, new electricity grids must be additionally built, and old ones must be upgraded. With the advent of the IT convergence era such as mobile, cloud/IoT, and autonomous vehicles, a much higher level of reliability is required than in the past, and at the same time, it must be economical for sure. This is also critically important to cope with the rapidly changing global climate.


Experts commonly present micro-grid power supply as a solution. The micro-grid power supply means generating electricity near the place where electricity is required & used. It has the advantage of minimizing the loss of power transmission in the power grid, increasing power use efficiency, and effectively meeting demand. It does not require large-scale construction, so it can be quickly installed where needed. If you can create enough power, you can be self-reliant and independent from your existing energy infrastructure.

SOFTPV aims for a future where energy
independence is achieved with solar power.

We are developing products that can
create electricity in our daily life.

1. BIPVmodule

Walls, claddings, glazings, and façades that make up the exterior of a building, focusing on glass windows, can create power without compromising visibility. Accessories such as sunshades also become great alternative options for mini-power supply.

BIPV& Smart BIPV Modules

2. Smart BIPV module

By integrating electronic components such as LEDs, micro-batteries, sensors, and communication chips into BIPV, it is possible to display, collect, control, and deliver various physical information of buildings. BIPV is transforming into an IoT data network.

BIPV& Smart BIPV Modules

3. Intelligent window

By adjusting the transparency of the glass, it is easy and inexpensive to implement a smart window that creates an optimal living/working environment. Smarter windows are possible by generating electricity using the entire glass or only the glass bezel.

4. Solar tree

It is an artificial tree capable of solar power generation by making SOFTFORM® in the shape of leaf. By connecting the leaves with branches of a tree, the tree can produce much more power than solar modules in a limited area. It is under development focusing on actual commercialization so that you can decorate the landscape or urban street to suit your needs. This smart tree is a small power plant itself.

5. Voguish solar streetlight

There are already a lot of solar streetlights, but their overall designs are very limited because of solar modules installed. SOFTPV is not only capable of designing as much as you want, but also integrated with sensors and communication chips to provide additional intelligent services such as various monitoring, crime prevention, and etc. This feature is also useful at our home or garden.

6. Portable battery

Although SOFTCELL® generates power by itself, it is too early to embed the SOFTCELL® to all devices in the world. Even without an outlet, you can charge any device wherever there is light. It is a nice little power generator.