Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

The convergence of IT technology with existing industries is getting more intensifying. The boundary between the physical, digital, and biological worlds is already breaking down. In the truly digitalized world, the 4th industrial revolution is progressing faster as new values ​​discovered by deep tech such as artificial intelligence affect the real world.

The true basis of the 4th industrial revolution is the “Electronization of all information”. Future industries such as autonomous driving, smart city, factory, healthcare, etc. require enormous amounts of digital information based on real-time sensor networks.

SOFTPV will enable those devices that transform everything in the world.

1. Maintenance-free sensor network

Starting from smaller smart networks such as home, factory, building networks to relatively bigger smart networks including city, country, and global networks, applying SOFTCELL®, micro-batteries, various sensors, and communication chips enables to collect & digitize information of almost all areas in real-time. You will not be unable to use IoT because of stability or economic issues.

2. Digital signage

Using SOFTCELL®, batteries, LEDs, and communication chips, you can easily display a variety of colors and designs anywhere, even on glass windows. Simple indications, messages, decorations, and related details can all be expressed. You can change the design and message through the content server and communication chip without going directly to the store.

3. Digitalized Road & Delineator

A sidewalk block with SOFTCELL®, LEDs, sensors, communication chips, and camera modules inserted monitors roadways and sidewalks in real-time and transmits information to increase the safety of pedestrians and drivers. Because one block operates as an independent electric device, it has great economic advantages such as installation, operation, and maintenance.

4. Permanently powered wearables

There are numerous wearable products such as glasses, watches, headsets, clothing, and medical devices, but all of them have the hassle of charging. Non-powered devices are also possible, but there are limitations in functions. SOFTCELL® provide permanent power to the wearable device. You will not be unable to use it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to recharge.